Thursday, May 13, 2010

GOSSIP- Part 7


HOW DID NATALIE WOOD DROWN? with her autopsy reports shown
THE NIGHT SAL MINEO DIED with his autopsy reports shown
FREDDIE PRINZE's LAST DAYS with autopsy reports shown
(he names gay celebrities who hit on him)
and much more!

 No more word on the lawsuit between CARY GRANT and CHEVY CHASE. Chase supposedly hates fags! And on a television show he stated Cary Grant was a fag. Grant did marry and had a daughter before he died, although he had lived with actor RANDOLPH SCOTT for many years.

ALTHEA FLYNT, wife of Hustler's LARRY FLYNT, was sued in small claims court for $200 in damages to a car she ran into the back of while driving the company Cadillac. She failed to appear in court and a Judgement was made against her in favor of NATHANIAL THOMAS, a USC student. (Althea doesn't need to worry about anymore Judgements, or does she?)

JACK LaLANNE, (owner of all those health spas), has been checking into a motel on 3rd street, at least once a week, but with different women, so I've been told. Well, the motel is right near us too.

JAMES GARNER, FARAH FAWCETT, LEE MAJORS and ROBERT BLAKE, told Universal tours that if they point them out while they are on the lot they will charge Universal for a personal appearance fee. (I doubt in Blake will be charging any fees in his future).

What have BARRY MANILOW, TAB HUNTER and JOHN SCHNEIDER got in common? Well, they have all been seen at the gay NUMBERS on Sunset Boulevard at Laurel. At least that's what the bartender told us. That's the bar where thirty year old hustlers try to look eighteen. (The NUMBERS has moved to Santa Monica Boulevard.)

RICHARD SIMMONS (Y.R.U.FAT) has been tricking it up with a male hustler who has a neat bod. Great SCOTT! Well, 22 year old, six foot two, Scott, gets around. He was seen loin clothin' the bars on Halloween. Scott is the one who told us Simmons had lipo suction on his stomach and had a scalp reduction to get rid of his bald spot. But, the old BEACH BOY bar, where Scott hung out, is long gone. (Rumors have it that Simmons is HIV positive. This came from a friend of a pharmacist who said Simmons is on the cocktail drugs. Hope it's not true.)

Whether or not ALLAN CARR is headed for trouble, (he's the producer of "GREASE," and "CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC"), is something we cannot even guess on, with regards to a morals complaint against him. We received a phone call from an irate young man who said, "Allan Carr is homosexual." So, we said, "Really? What else is new in tinseltown?" The man then proceeded to say, "I was promised the lead in GREASE if I would (f**k)..this is how our lawyers wanted us to say it,..him in the ass."

Since we don't deal in such matters, other than printing them, we suggested that he complain to the morals division of the Screen Actor's Guild. A few days later, we wondered what was happening with this and we phoned the Guild to learn they had no knowledge of any such complaint being formerly filed and they stated Carr wasn't a franchised theatrical agent, so he wouldn't be under their jurisdiction anyway. Inquiring further about the morals complaint division, started a few years ago, we learned that several complaints had been made but when they ask for the complaint to be put into writing, nobody wants to write it down (afraid of blacklisting, no doubt), and many complaints are made against persons who are not franchised members of the Guild. (Allan Carr died a few years ago.) He made his money from a film titled, "SURVIVE," (remade recently by Disney). It was a foreign film made in South America, showing a plane crash and passengers turning into cannibals eating one another for survival. The controversy was over whether it was a real story or just a movie. Carr bought the rights to it and cleaned up at the Box-office. (Allan Carr is now deceased)

NOTE: RONA BARRETT, was at one time, a popular Gossip columnist!
RONA BARRETT recently made a complete ass of herself at Hollywood's famed STUDIO ONE at KAY BALLARD's opening. Rona slapped two employees of the National Enquirer staff, Steve Tinney and Barbara Sternig, across the face because they had stated in the paper that she was having marital problems. After the incident, Rona was quoted as saying, "I'm glad I did it. I did it for all of us who check our stories." The article in the Enquirer read: HERE'S A STORY RONA BARRETT WON'T BROADCAST;HER MARRIAGE TO WILLIAM TROWBRIDGE IS SHAKY. Rona further stated, "they didn't even have the decency to phone me or my husband." Steve Tinney told me that he had phoned Rona over five times and she refused to accept his calls and she never returned any of his calls. Steve also said that it was from someone close to Rona but wouldn't reveal his source. Later that evening, Rona was seen with husband Bill, and yelled out to Barbara, "As you can see, I am with my lovely husband." And later that evening Rona yelled, "Whore, whore, whore," at Barbara. People were shocked at Rona's outburst, including ROD McKUEN who was behind the Sternig/Tinney table. It seems Ms. Rona wanted the spotlight, and she got it. But, it wa the wrong kind of publicity. I was told that ABC television officials were upset and Bill Trowbridge looked very embarrassed over Rona's childish episode.

Barbara had been a former writer, producer and leg woman for Rona at Metromedia television. She also wrote Rona's columns for the magazines for over four years. It seems Rona may be jealous of Barbara because the National Enquirer sells over 4-1/2 million copies of their weekly paper. And the Laufer Publications, that use Rona's name, only sell approximately 100,000 per month.

Ms. Rona spent thousands of dollars trying to improve her face, i.e., nose jobs, silicone injections, etc., but is somewhat disappointed that her career hadn't been as successful as she'd like it to be. (She never reached the stature of Louella O. Parsons or Hedda Hopper.) Her recent venture as a singer really flopped and she blames this on her husband Bill, who convinced her she could sing.

And gossip (fan mag type) is dead today. If the DELL PUBLISHING COMPANY and other corporations were unable to write them off, they would be in trouble, as they aren't making any money from those magazines. The quality of those magazines has become nil. MODERN SCREEN, I've been told, had a circulation of approximately, 25,000 copies. Their black and white photographs are nearly impossible to make out, they are printed so dark. I predict their demise in the near future. (Dakota: Another prediction I was right about.)

As for Ms. Rona's alleged marital problems...who the fuck cares? (Note: Bill Trowbridge did separate from Rona for a while. He lost most of his money on a black exploitation film. He is now deceased and Ms. Rona is rather wealthy from her Real Estate deals. Barbara Sternig wrote for the National Enquirer for twenty years. She left them two years ago and has written her book on her times at the National Enquirer.)

A telephone caller said we had better not print anything about JEB ADAMS and Louis somebody, or else! Well, this gossiper only likes to write about people who are known. And these people, even if they were seen together with Leif Garrett at the gay Odyssey, is nobody's concern, or should I say, nobody really gives a damn. I did once work for Jeb's dad, Nick Adams, and just today I drove up to his former home on King's Road to recall what it looked like. Memories! Nick Adams, what a guy. A real friend and a live wire. I miss him. Jeb starred in "FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC," and appeared in TV's "BLACK SHEEP SQUADRON." He is now in Real Estate near Malibou Lake, California.

I saw CHARLES NELSON REILLY with DEAR ABBY at "La Cage Aux Folles." SHELLEY WINTERS was also in the audience as well as MARTY ALLEN and BRITT EKLAND. But, who was the young male number with Reilly? Master of ceremonies, GYPSY, serenaded them between shows at her piano bar. But, shame, shame on co-owner Robaire Pasco and his "private personal information" regarding YASMINE AGA KHAN, whom he used to date. He told me Yasmin would be here for the conservator hearing regarding Mommy, RITA HAYWORTH, but she wasn't here. He also told columnist Jack Martin, that Rita paid over $600,000 for her Condo she lives in on Spalding Drive in Beverly Hills. We said it was $200,000 (quoting this from an article in the National Enquirer, which was also wrong). Rita was "leasing" the Condo. Robert claims he was there when she bought it.
Shame, shame, shame. Keep telling those lies and some bitch will cut your tongue out, Robaire. And as for those photographs his partner wanted (which I took), well, not that he's cheap, but his shoes squeak when he walks. I "gave" the photos to the girls and one is using hers as her press photo of her doing Liza.

Unknown to the general public, the Judge presiding over the hearing for Rita, appointed attorney Robert Gary to "investigate" Rita's manager, Leonard Monroe, who wanted to be conservator. (There's more in this book's chapter on Rita). This was after I filed a letter requesting that a neutral party be appointed. This was at the first hearing. Through telegrams to Yasmin and other methods, Yasmin Khan, her daughter, was appointed her conservator. The Judge also ordered that she be moved to the Big Apple with her daughter. Yasmin was represented in court by high powered attorney, Mickey Rudin, who also represents Frank Sinatra and Marvin Davis, the new owner of 20th Century Fox. (Note: We all now know that Rita died from Alzheimer's after she was moved to New York. Yasmin is fighting for a cure for the disease.)

Was that an ex-movie star I met at Long Beach, on the Amusement Pike, whom I brought home for a sexual encounter? Just asking. And I really enjoyed it thoroughly, and so did he, so he said.

I just received a phone call from the Globe (the poorman's National Enquirer for whom RUTH BATCHELOR (a Rona Barrett wannabe now deceased) once worked), wanting me to tell them of Natalie Wood's lesbian experiences! Poor Natalie. After all of her years in the film industry, the Globe is only interested in her private, sexual life. Not that we don't delve into the private live's of Hollywood's finest, which we do, but Natalie just died. Don't they have any respect for this fine actress? Who cares about her bisexuality, especially at this particular time? And I'm appalled at the very sick Natalie Wood jokes that are going around. Apparently today's younger crowd didn't know Natalie well enough, because if they had, they wouldn't be making fun of her death. I guess her absence from the screen, while raising her children, was a period when the younger crowd were growing up. But, one week after she died, I overheard in the NUMBERS, "What kind of wood doesn't float?" I wanted to turn around and knock the son of a bitch down! As I left the bar I mentioned this to a former agent friend I was with and I was telling him about the question I had heard, and a guy we passed on the stairs came back with a quick reply, "Natalie Wood." Evidently, it was a worn out joke and not funny at all. Maybe I just felt too close to Natalie. This paper is printing her autopsy reports. But, this isn't in bad taste. They are factual documents. They aren't ridiculing Natalie. They are, indeed prying. But, there is also public curiosity, which we feel we should appease, whenever possible, giving you what you want to know about Hollywood. I guess it's a cliche that belongs to a famous writer of the past, "But, Hollywood is my beat. and I love it!"

Needless to say, my private conversation with a reporter at the Globe, was published and embellished on what I had told her. I was embarrassed to read the story, even though it was in a "national" rag.

We mis-spelled a name on our list of bisexual actresses. We spelled LINDA HAYNES as Linda Haines. Well, she isn't that well known anyway. She was in "THE DROWNING POOL," and some other film, the title which I have forgotten. I saw her on the set of "THE HULK," the TV series, sitting next to another female visitor. She once wanted to marry female impersonator, RUSSELL ELLIOTT. She fell in love with him when she saw him in drag! (Note: my friend Russell was also a male Go-Go dancer. He was, sadly, one of the first victims of AIDS. He was handsome in real life as a man or woman. I really liked him and I still miss him today. I did an interview with him in the Hollywood Star. Unfortunately, that is one of the issues I am missing and cannot reprint it. I recall one funny part where he stated his mother had been a truck driver. I thought I still had that taped interview, but I guess it's gone forever.)

A daily London newspaper has hired a detective to investigate whether or not Natalie Wood died the way the coroner claims she died. The detective, along with a reporter from the newspaper, were on board the Splendour "posing as potential buyers."

I am so old I can remember when movies said -

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